Piedmont Mutual is a North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company that targets and provides a secure market for specialty property and casualty insurance coverage in partnership with some of the best agents in the state.



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About Piedmont Mutual

Piedmont Mutual Insurance Company was chartered in December of 1992 and licensed to do business in March of 1993. In 1994, the Iredell Mutual Insurance Company branch was merged with Piedmont Mutual Insurance. Piedmont Mutual, today, is a limited-assessable state mutual insurance company that operates solely in North Carolina and still embraces those early traditions by providing specialty coverage for both standard risks and those risks that fall out of the standard market.

To insure with a mutual company is to start a personal and professional relationship with neighbors that take your welfare and the protection of your property to heart. As a mutual insurance company, we draw our strength from the united resources of our North Carolina policyholders. In addition, we have an extremely secure reinsurance program that is supported by companies with an AM Best Rating of A- or better.